The Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love praying a prayer of consecration to Mary, Mother of Healing Love in their Chapel at St. Charles Children’s Home in Rochester, NH.


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O Spiritual Vessel, fill us with an understanding of your will and of the ways that you desire to work in us and in others’ souls through us.  Grant us and understanding of your ways that we do not yet possess.  By following you along this Way we will enter into the merciful Heart of your Divine Son Jesus, to know and love Him in a way we have never experienced before.


O Mary You are the Chosen Vessel of God who not only cooperated with the Holy Spirit to bring forth Christ, but has also been chosen to continue this cooperation by bringing His Body, the Church into the glorious reign of the new Pentecost.


O House of Gold, form us into other Christs in union with your Spouse, the Holy Spirit, so that the promise of the Father may be sent down upon us.  Joining you in prayer, O Queen of Heaven, along with Peter and the other Apostles, may we too receive the fulfillment of the promise to be clothed with power from on high: the power of the Uncreated Immaculate Conception.  Through Your Heart O Created Immaculate Conception, may we be totally Yours. Amen.