The Daughters of Mary consider Theology of the Body integral to the new evangelization.  The Theology of the Body is considered to be an important element in the formation of the Sisters.

Sister Mary Rose presented a four part series on Theology of the Body to high school students which can be viewed at these links:

TOB for High School part one

TOB for High School part two

TOB for High School part three

TOB for High School part four


St. John Paul II said that through the Incarnation, the Body entered Theology through the main door, and the body manifests the person.  Spirituality cannot be merely abstract because we are body-persons.  At the root of each of our conversions is a deeper understanding of our unique irreplaceable dignity as masculine or feminine persons.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to St. John Paul II for helping us through his great Theology of the Body to become more integrated and to understand more fully our vocations as brides of Christ.

The Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love consider that a thorough head and heart knowledge of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body is integral to advancing the new evangelization.  For this reason all of the Sisters have either attended or are planning to attend classes offered through the Theology of the Body Institute in Pennsylvania. 

The Daughters of Mary are also working on developing classes in Theology of the Body for various age groups.  They will then present these classes for the purpose of advancing the healing of families.